Preparing for your           childs session 

Thank you!

Thank You for choosing me as your photographer!

This will be a fun, easy and stress free session 

Just sit back, relax and enjoy as I take lead of the session, If I need your help I won't hesitate to ask :)

Outdoor session 

I shoot all of my outdoor sessions 1-1.5 hours before sunset which is what we call the "golden hour".  This time varies month to month as the seasons change and the sunsets earlier or later.   I DO NOT typically budge on outdoor session times unless the day is overcast.

The light is perfect, and is what you will see in my artistic style with the warm glowing light.

9 out of 10 times children do great staying up just this once time past there bedtime!


I will determine if the weather is bad enough to reschedule, typically I wait until the day of the session as in Michigan the weather here changes hour by hour.

studio session 

in studio we do not have to worry about whats going on outside, I use a large studio strobe to control the light.  which is perfectly safe for childrens eyes :)

And I can adjust the temperature cooler or warmer depending on your childs needs. 

What to wear

I know that clothing can be a huge stress factor for the session, but please feel free to email or text me anytime.  I am always happy to help you choose outfits and answer questions.

I even have a variety of pinterest inspiration boards on what to wear if that would help.


  • Layers
  • coordinate colors
  • coordinate patterns
  • accessorize
  • shoes,boots,converse,boat shoes etc.


  • Florescent colors
  • Large logos
  • clothing that is a size to large or small
  • overly matchy
  • play shoes, tv character shoes etc.

Bring along 

Diaper bag and child essentials

snack and drink

Stroller if we have a long walk outdoors

wipes for messes

hairbrush, clips. bobby pins

Special toy, bear, lovey or other meaningful item if you'd like to remember


Final thoughts

deep breath, relax, and remind yourself and kids that this will be fun:)